The freeways are getting busier as we make our way once again to the office. We are dusting off our workspaces and welcoming new challenges as all of us emerge from our homes. With this in mind, the use and need for chemical products such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant will continue to increase in demand.

Tight Head Containers for Bulk Products

Tight head containers for bulk products are great solutions for larger container storage of chemical products and other goods. These containers come in multiple dimensions designed to optimize space for storage and shipping. 

As an alternative to open head containers, tight head containers reduce spillage and keep contents safe. Additionally, these durable HDPE containers include a strong, integrated handle and are BPA-free.

Rectangle Tight Head Containers

Tighthead Containers - rectangle packaging This tamper-evident neck packaging option easily stacks with its interlocking top and bottom.

This rectangle tight head container provides an added layer of confidence when transporting or storing chemicals like hand sanitizer. This container is designed to seal in contents until they are ready for use. Closures are sold separately from the tight head container.

Dispensing Tight Head Containers - 5 Gallon

Tighthead Containers - 5 Gallon container This is a great option for all chemical products to use for shipping and storing.

Another bulk packaging option that’s perfect for chemical and liquid products is this dispensing tight head container. Offered at various size options, this 5-gallon size is great for safe water storage as it’s food safe and FDA-approved. This container includes a secure handle for durability and three closures to release the product. 

Dispensing Tight Head Containers - 2.5 Gallon

Tighthead Containers - 2.5 Gallon container This container’s spout helps to control the amount of product that is released.

This 2.5-gallon dispensing tight head container also includes two closures and a spout. Either closure can provide quick and easy dispensing of products like liquid hand sanitizer and disinfectant chemicals to refill into smaller bottles.

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