The winter blues have dissipated and summer is right around the corner! This means that consumers of all ages will be coming out of hibernation to enjoy the beautiful weather and – you guessed it – the summer sun.

woman with sunscreen As we enjoy the warm weather, summer BBQ’s, pool time, and vacation, it’s incredibly important to also remember one very important skin protectant – sunscreen.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, with over 5 million cases diagnosed every year. Why is this? The answer is simple. An overwhelming majority of skin cancer cases are associated with ultraviolet rays from the sun, which should be a huge wakeup call that we all need to be taking the most basic form of precaution there is – sunscreen!

Help Consumers Choose by Designing The Right Sunscreen Packaging

By designing the right packaging for your sunscreen, choosing the appropriate shape, format and material, you’ll be sure to capture your target audience and help them block the sun’s harmful rays. Depending on who your consumers are, it might even be time to try something new.

MJS Packaging works closely with the personal care industry, including a number of sunscreen customers, so we know all the different ways to package sunscreen.

Years ago, the only form of sunscreen was lotion. Mothers and fathers would squeeze cold sunscreen onto their children’s skin and then spend way too much time trying to rub the messy lotion in.

boy at beach with sunscreen Whether consumers are playing in the backyard or are vacationing at the beach, make sure your sunscreen is capturing their attention and helping them block those harmful rays.

5 Main Sunscreen Dispensing Methods


Thankfully, sunscreen now comes in many forms: lotions, creams, solid sticks, foams, and sprays. Considering the type of sunscreen application method you’ll need will be imperative to choosing the right packaging format for your product, as different forms will dictate your packaging needs.

  1. Lotions: Many lotions still come in a more traditional sunscreen bottle with either a flip cap or a pump option to dispense the lotion. Many lotions also come in tubes with dispensing caps. These days, sunscreen is also found as an element in many beauty products. When this is the case, the use of airless pumps is extremely popular, as they’re great for getting even the last drop out of the container.Suggested Read: Take Your Products to the Next Level With Dual Dispensing Systems


  2. Creams: Sunscreen creams are most popularly packaged in tins, which offer a pop of design acumen and alternative options for decorating. These creams are mostly associated with natural and organic sunscreens, which are extremely popular with Millennials and Gen Z.Suggested Read: Gen Z: The Next Generation to Watch


  3. Sticks: Sunscreen sticks are akin to deodorant packaging, and are typically seen for smaller, targeted areas, such as the face. Sticks are great and easy-to-use with children and by children, too! 
  4. Foams: Sunscreen foams are most commonly used with a bottle and foaming pump. Foam sunscreens yield a weightless product that’s easy and fun to dispense. Making sunscreen a game always helps children want to protect their skin! Plus, it’s extremely easy to spread!
  5. Sprays: Sunscreen sprays offer another light, weightless option. They often come with the added benefit of being able to dispense sunscreen from any angle- even upside down.
golfer spraying on sunscreen From the office to the golf course, remind consumers that they shouldn’t forget their most important accessory.

Capture Customers With MJS Packaging’s Solutions

No matter your target audience, dispensing method, packaging design needs, or even logistic needs, MJS Packaging is here to create the best packaging solutions for you.

Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly packaging solutions specialists. And, as always, spread the awareness about skin cancer throughout the entire month of May. This summer, don’t forget your own sunscreen and become an advocate for others, too.