Last month, the Specialty Food Association put on their biannual Fancy Food Show. While there were many show highlights, the largest trend MJS Packaging observed was the emphasis on packaging that fulfills specific functions.

Manufacturers are now utilizing their packaging to gain trust with consumers through better communication of their company and brand values. Brands highlight certain aspects of their businesses, such as being women-owned, animal and cruelty-free, plant-based, as well as other certifications and accreditations. Their position is to help the company’s brand become closer and more personal to the consumer.

Manufacturers can gain consumer trust and stand out against competitors by promoting brand values on their packaging.

Standing Out Against Competition

Packaging has always been a great way to communicate product features and benefits. However, consumers are placing increasing importance on company values, which can be the deciding purchasing factor when comparing two brands. If you neglect to mention your brand values on your packaging, you may miss out on potential customers.

According to the Edelman Earned Brand Study, 69% of consumers in the U.S. are “belief-driven” buyers, meaning they believe brands should take a stand on issues that are important to them. This supports the idea of using packaging as another avenue of letting consumers know what your brand is really about and stands for.

Gaining Consumer Trust

Another trend we took away from the Winter Fancy Food Show is the anticipated growth in sustainable packaging, especially when it comes to using upcycled packaging materials.

Using environmentally-friendly ingredients in new packaging is a huge plus for most consumers, so expect to see more recycled materials and plant-based materials being used for packaging in 2019. However, traditional packaging materials like glass, paperboard, and even plastic still have their place in the packaging industry. Consumers and manufacturers continue to gravitate to the transparency of glass. Since glass is sustainable, it fits the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers as well.

Using recycled materials to formulate packaging can help increase the trust your consumers have in your brand.

Brands can also gain the trust of their consumers by providing prominent sourcing information on their product packaging. Consumers now want to know a lot more about their products other than just whether they’re organic or not. In addition to looking for full ingredient lists and clearly-marked allergens, consumers want to see the specifics of where ingredients come from and if they are ethically-sourced. Strategically-designed packaging and labeling can provide insights about the farms, ingredient sources, and supply chains of specialty food products. These can be important conversion factors in whether a consumer chooses your product or a competitor’s.

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