Packaging is a major contributor to leaving either a positive or negative impression of the brand in a consumer’s mind. Leave them satisfied and it is a telltale sign for repeat purchases. Dissatisfaction on the other hand, whether related to opening, dispensing, or closing the package, will undoubtedly leave a sour taste in the mouth of a consumer. Thankfully, you can harness tremendous opportunities with your squeeze bottle packaging.

MJS Packaging is proud to offer our customers a technology that provides consumers with a convenient, clean, and memorable packaging interaction. This technology, manufactured by Aptar, is a silicone valve named SimpliSqueeze® that is inserted into the orifice of a dispensing closure.

Even if We Don’t Know it, We Use SimpliSqueeze Almost Daily

Squeeze bottle packaging is more fun for kids and more convenient for everyone.SimpliSqueeze is not the newest technology in the market, but it is one of the most proven. It is very prevalent in the honey, sauces, and condiment market, so most consumers dispense product through SimpliSqueeze daily.

The valve technology is also present in beverage, sun care, hair care, and laundry care applications. By incorporating this technology, manufacturers give consumers a critical advantage with dispensing control.

Providing Consumer Convenience

Now, more than ever, consumers are searching for ways to make their lives easier and answer their need for convenience. When it comes to package goods, they demand innovative options that do this and enhance how they use the product. This includes features like one-handed opening, on-the-go sizes, resealable closures, and easy dispensation.

SimpliSqueeze provides no-spill benefits creating the ultimate on-the-go package. It is also the market leader for inverted packaging which conveniently provides product in a ‘ready-dispense’ position allowing consumers to quickly enjoy their product of choice.

Getting a Clean Dispense from Your Squeeze Bottle Packaging

It is important to ensure the cleanliness of a package, from first purchase to last squeeze. To facilitate this for your product as you take it to market, be sure to incorporate the right closure design.

SimpliSqueeze has the ability to accomplish this as it provides a precise dispense. This enables the technology to have a mess-free closure deck, improving hygiene and a package’s appearance throughout its life.

Driving Repeat Purchases with Memorable Experiences

Brand loyalty comes from a complex formula of many different variables. If we were to take a familiar page from P&G’s book, you could summarize three moments of truth where a brand must excel. This then drives loyalty from their customers. Packaging touches each of these moments from on-shelf-differentiation, to consumer use, and eventual disposal.

SimpliSqueeze has proven that this technology has the ability to provide an engaging and satisfying consumer dispensing experience through delivering a convenient and clean dispense for a variety of end applications.

Try SimpliSqueeze for Your Product

To learn more about SimpliSqueeze and how it would work for your product, contact MJS Packaging today. If you want to increase consumer satisfaction, you will be glad you brought a fresh approach to your squeeze bottle packaging.