As the need for hand sanitizer and disinfectant increases as more people return to school, work and other activities, MJS Packaging is happy to provide the sanitizer packaging you need for convenient portability and use of your products. We have a variety of packaging options ready today, including bottles, closures, and fine mist sprayers, with more sprayers and pumps on the way in the next few months.

Sanitizer Packaging Products

From small formats in stock now to bulk containers with short lead times, MJS Packaging can accommodate our customers' requests for sanitizing packaging. When packaging hand sanitizers, it is important to consider compatibility with the bottle material. While many national brands utilize PET, HDPE is also a good option. Both materials can be used with liquid or gel formats.

Bottles come in a variety of sizes to allow for simple traveling with gel sanitizers

Product Packaging Options

MJS Packaging has many options when it comes to packaging sanitizers and disinfectants. To break it down for you, here is a list of what is currently accessible and what we will supply soon:

Sanitizer Packaging | MJS Packaging All packaging options shown are either in stock or coming soon to our MJS Packaging Livonia warehouse - order today!


Sprayers, Pumps & More


Need Packaging for Sanitizer and Disinfectant Products?

Let us help you properly package your products to meet safety, handling and compatibility standards and get your product ready for the hands of your consumers.

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