PET Plastic Kegs

The quarantine has been a challenging time for the restaurant and bar industry. In addition to a loss in revenue, these businesses have been forced to adapt to new health and safety regulations. MJS Packaging wants to highlight PET plastic kegs as a packaging option that provides assurance for businesses and their customers during this time.

It all comes down to health and safety, which is one of the great benefits PET plastic kegs provide. PET is a popular resin used in packaging and is safe for food and beverages.

PET allows these kegs to be strong, lightweight, and a dream to transport. With the options of four sizes, each keg provides a unique use. Before we get into sizes, we will discuss the health benefits associated with PET plastic kegs.

Health Benefits

With new health and safety regulations, PET plastic kegs are the perfect option for safer consumption at restaurants and bars.

Benefits of the PET plastic kegs include but are not limited to:

  • Clean, dry, sterile packaging
  • Sustainable option, 100% recyclable
  • Food safe and meets international food contact regulations
  • Strong, but lightweight PET material for easy transportation
  • Zero waste
  • Ready to use - no pre-washing necessary

These PET plastic kegs are blown at temperatures exceeding 215°C/420°F degrees and are assembled in a clean-room environment to maintain sterilization. The kegs are also designed to be single-use. You can empty the keg and recycle it when you’ are finished. This ease of one-way recyclability completely eliminates the need to clean and repair kegs.

Size Options

PET Plastic Kegs are available in various sizes to meet your beverage needs. (Note: 12.5L Mini Slim Keg is not pictured.)

Along with the 20L Slimline keg, MJS Packaging offers three other sizes to choose from. With our 30L Prime, 20L Prime, and the new 12.5L Mini Slim kegs, there is an option for everyone.

All PET plastic keg options can hold beverages like beer, wine, coffee, kombucha, cider, and other sparkling drinks. Additionally, the 12.5L Mini Slim Keg option is a great choice for super-premium beers and spirits, as well as beverages with slow rotations like kombucha. These options help to save space in any type of storage and bar area.

Explore PET Kegs Today

Let MJS Packaging help you choose the best PET plastic keg today for your beverage packaging needs. With health and safety remaining as a top priority, our plastic kegs are one-way and even come with lower shipping costs than metal kegs.

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