What is the Personal Care Industry?

The personal care category includes a wide variety of products, including cosmetics, skin care, sunscreen, dental hygiene, feminine hygiene, hair care, perfumes and colognes, and more. According to PMMI Media Group, the industry as a whole reeled in $92 billion in sales during 2017 alone. As this industry continues to grow, its need for efficient and effective packaging will as well.

Generational Impacts on the Industry

Above all segments in the personal care industry, none has grown as substantially in recent years as the skin care segment. This growth is largely due to the higher consumer demand for anti-acne and anti-aging products.

As the world’s largest generation, the Baby Boomers, reaches their 60s and 70s, the need for “cosmeceuticals” will only continue to grow. “Cosmeceuticals” refer to products that address, treat, and prevent conditions like dandruff, wrinkles, stretch marks, and hair loss – all conditions that often begin later in life.

Baby Boomer woman using lotion As Baby Boomers grow older, there will be a higher demand for anti-aging personal care products.

Baby Boomers aren’t the only generation affecting the personal care industry. According to Statista, Gen X and Millennials are willing to spend more money per month on personal care items than Baby Boomers. However, the personal care needs and wants for these generations differ drastically.

Just as needs for product types vary amongst the different generations, product features vary as well. Happi Magazine reported that Baby Boomers gravitate towards products that are suitable for their skin type and their age, while Gen X and Millennials gravitate more towards products that are natural, have formulas that are clean and safe, and contain no harmful ingredients.

Personal care product dispenser Although all generations use personal care items daily, the product features that appeal to them the most differs drastically.

No matter which generation a product is targeting, it is important to clearly illustrate the product features through packaging. This will set your product apart from the competition and easily allow your customers to identify key features.

Other Persuasive Factors

In addition to specific product features like anti-aging effects and natural formulas, many consumers are persuaded to try a new product due to positive product reviews and free samples.

Sample size personal care packaging Offering sample and travel sizes of your product appeals to on-the-go consumers as well as consumers just wanting to test out your product.

Sample size packaging can be a great way to allow consumers to test your product without making a monetary commitment to your brand. These smaller formats can also be used by consumers for purse-size ­­­or travel options.

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