MJS Packaging offers an annual Packaging Supply Catalog for manufacturers and consumers. We showcase that our possibilities are endless when it comes to providing solutions for your packaging supply needs. Our catalog includes over 20,000 packaging supplies, including wood pallets, corkboards, labels, and so much more.

Packaging Supplies Packaging supplies, like tape, are essential to ensure products are secure during the shipping process.

There are three item categories that aren’t typically thought of with MJS Packaging, which are corrugated boxes, packaging tape, and polybags. These items are imperative and necessary for all packaging needs.

MJS Packaging has a competitive program to your existing suppliers for these types of supplies. We can make it more convenient for our manufacturers to extend their buy with us to include basic packaging supplies.

3 Packaging Supply Categories

MJS Packaging mentioned there are three imperative categories needed for all packaging needs:

  • Corrugated boxes: This industry standard box is very popular with manufacturers across every industry. MJS Packaging offers many sizes and styles so manufacturers will find the right style for their needs. Options include double wall boxes for added protection and durability; multi-depth boxes for flexibility on box size; and cube boxes for easy, uniform stacking. Our customers use this box to ship products to retailers and even individual consumers.
  • Packaging Tape: MJS Packaging has many types of tape for various functions. From various forms of packaging tape to use with corrugated boxes to styles like duct, vinyl, and electrical tapes commonly used by manufacturers in their facilities, we have it all.
    Packaging Supplies Polybags store small objects to prevent mixing with other products.
  • Polybags: This packaging option is perfect for manufacturers who are breaking their items into quantities before shipping to another production facility or a retailer. Polybags have resealable and gusseted options for any need. Also, the bags are moisture, grease, and vapor resistant to protect the products, and even food items, packaged in them.

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Packaging Supplies

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