Today's moms carry more responsibility than ever before, but you probably won't hear them complaining. They do have preferences though, so your brand and business will be better off when you demonstrate how you are listening. There are few better ways to do that than to offer packaging moms are bound to love.

Moms Matter to Your Business – Big Time!

Here's what you need to know to provide packaging moms loveIt is important to have family-friendly packaging, but if you really want an edge, we recommend paying special attention to moms. Among many other reasons to listen to them, those moms tend to control a majority of household purchases. We know their spending power is huge, but it may be as much as $2 trillion. This means their buy-in is likely critical to your success.

Underscoring their influence in the market, moms also represent a considerably large consumer bloc. Census data tells us that the total population is around 320 million and the United States has 85 million mothers. Nearly 37 million of them have children age 17 or younger at home, too. This means your brand is likely to make an impact beyond mom, so we are interested in helping you make a positive impression.

A Few Differences to Note

As easy as it might be to lump moms together, it is also important to acknowledge some differentiating factors between moms.

When it comes to employment in particular, consider that 72% of moms are in the workforce. Some moms work full-time, some work part-time, and some stay home. Given those distinctions alone, each mom's lifestyle can vary quite a bit.

We also see generational variance. With the majority of today's moms in the Generation X age range and 9 million Millennial moms, too, each group comprises different ages, life stages, and priorities. In the world of products and packaging, this shows through in consumer preferences and behavior.

While remembering the diversity of each family's lifestyle, structure, circumstances, and more, we have seen some important trends and tendencies that can enhance your brand's appeal to moms.

How to Provide Packaging Moms Love

If you want success, it is crucial to make your packaging work for moms. Every product may need its own take on these tips and each family may be a bit different, but you can be confident when you aim to do the following.

1. Make Life Easier for Busy Moms

For many moms, each day is a non-stop, complex juggling act. Whether it is the day job, housework, taxi-driving kids, or any number of responsibilities, the list never seems to end. Every mom has their own version of busy, and you can win her over with packaging that is easy.

Think about packaging pitfalls and challenges, too (like juice pouches that don't open nicely!). From providing the right serving sizes to making sure the kid can open the packaging himself or herself (when appropriate), give mom the simple packaging her family needs.

2. Err on the Safe Side

When striving to offer packaging moms love, be sure to provide peace of mind. That means child safety should always, always be a top concern.

If your product should be in child-resistant packaging, then make it a priority to incorporate those features. The concept goes beyond medication, too, as it easily applies to detergents, household cleaners, controlled substances, and more.

Whether you need a warning label, a locking trigger, or one of many other safety-minded caps and closures, don't hesitate to get assistance.

3. Provide Packaging Options

We realize it can be daunting to provide packaging moms love when there are so many different family situations, but a bit of variety can go a long way. To better-fit growing families, changing households, and aging children, we recommend providing a few options to consumers.

The types of containers and closures matter, but you can easily use various sizes to provide consumers with valuable options, too. This kind of mix can also give you a good inroad to households of various types, even when kids may no longer be present.

It may be a challenge to keep up with moms during various seasons of life, but variety is a great feature for packaging moms can always appreciate.

4. Make Clarity a Priority

Confusion and complexity are often costly for brands, so we want to help you keep your message clear. By following a few best practices, you can make sure your label is easy to read and understand. You can also emphasize elements that really make it stand out from others on the shelf.

Whether you want to make it clear your product (or packaging) has multiple uses or you want to underscore the ingredients and nutritional aspects, we can help!

5. Remember that Moms Play Many Roles

Even though it isn't usually stated in an obvious way, many moms have a list of objectives guiding their purchases. Among many others, they tend to want to keep their kids healthy, make eco-friendly purchases, and protect the family pocketbook, too. This means they take on many roles along the way.

You can present your brand in a way that complements many, if not all, of these ideals. Often, you just need a subject matter expert to fill in the gaps for your products and packaging.

When Momma is Happy, Everyone can be Happy

Moms are too important to overlook. From their immediate purchasing power to the brand preferences her kids will develop, your brand needs to appeal to mothers.

If you are realizing how important moms are to your business, let us know. We can help get the best packaging for your product and turn challenges and questions into opportunities.