Continuing to highlight the new talent on our Sales team, we’re here to introduce Owen Schmidt. We’ve already given a glimpse of who Owen is and what he does for MJS Packaging during our webinar with Enercon Industries. However, this Employee Profile will give background information on Owen’s packaging career journey and updates within his position at MJS Packaging.

Owen Schmidt's Packaging Industry Journey

Owen Schmidt, Account Executive, MJS Packaging

Before starting his career, Owen attained a Communications degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College. After networking with packaging industry professionals and graduating, he entered into an entry-level sales role with Enercon Industries. He worked with a diverse group of customers, selling induction sealing equipment to the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical and beauty industries. Additionally, he enjoyed troubleshooting any packaging issue and welcomed any challenge.

Mold-Rite Plastics (MRP), a leading provider of plastic packaging components, showed interest in Owen taking on a unique role in their company. With strong ties to Enercon, the transition to MRP helped Owen develop new skills.

Serving in a hybrid role as MRP’s only Director of Sales & Technical Services, he sold closures and jars to direct customers and to distributors. In addition, he was the first line of defense for all technical services issues for MRP’s entire customer base, troubleshooting and resolving problems around capping and sealing.

In 2020, MJS Packaging acquired a need for a seasoned salesperson who could take on several established accounts. It made perfect sense for MJS Packaging to recruit Owen for the role. It was the leadership team at MJS that earned Owen’s trust, leading him to seize the opportunity to come and work for our company.

Current Role with MJS Packaging

Owen joined the MJS Packaging Sales team as an Account Executive in February 2020, right before the global pandemic. Once the pandemic began, our Inside Sales team was bombarded with calls from customers and prospects seeking packaging components for hand sanitizer and disinfectants. Owen happily assisted with many inquiries, and in return learned our systems and processes on the fly.

Currently, Owen is focused on a number of customers in the same industries he served in previous roles - food & beverage, household & industrial chemical, pharmaceutical and health & beauty. To provide the best service possible, Owen encourages his customers to use all resources possible, including talking with a knowledgeable packaging expert like those at MJS Packaging. He uses the following advice with his customers and has seen firsthand how his customers avoid foreseeable delays and concerns:

"When developing a package, work with an experienced professional. What looks good in the concept stage in your head or on paper may not really work. Fit and functionality play an enormous role."

With his main expertise in closures and liners, Owen urges his customers to consider intricacies of packaging that are not widely discussed in the concept stages. Choosing the incorrect closure or liner can lead to issues that impact the shelf life of the product and packaging. To ensure the life of the product is maximized, it’s important to have these conversations with your knowledgeable packaging expert.

What’s Next for Owen Schmidt?

Owen is very excited to be a part of the MJS Packaging team! As a highly respected, experienced member of the packaging industry, we are very fortunate to have him.

If your company needs to learn which closures and liners will work best for your packaging, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist with finalizing every detail of your packaging solutions.