When you want safety and functionality for your product, you need to find the right closure. Luckily, with a growing number of our packaging components, you get innovative solutions, too! Here is what you should know about our new child-resistant closures and how they are designed to do even more for your brand.

Metal Base, Plastic Shell

New Child-Resistant Closures Provide Unique OptionsLike many caps designed for safety, you can count on our new child-resistant closures to help consumers keep certain products out of the wrong hands. They are a great fit for traditional products like pharmaceuticals, new-market products like cannabis, and other applications, too.

In addition to providing the same purpose and functionality, these caps give you more options than ever before. It is all made possible by the design that utilizes a strong metal base and form-fit plastic shell.

Unique Design

Because of its design, you can have your logo, imagery, or text about your product applied uniquely within the closure. Since that component is metal, it would be embossed or debossed and is visible through the plastic overcap.

For most caps in this application, consumers need to push-down-and-turn to open the container. Consumers have actually become quite accustomed to that requirement, so there are no changes there. However, this cap gives you one more way to communicate with the consumer and do so in a way that stands out and showcases your brand messaging.

Availability and Available Sizes

Please note that although these caps have a minimum order quantity of 25,000, you can get them in a wide variety of sizes. This includes 24mm, 28mm, 33mm, 38mm, and 45mm.

To find the right fit for your product, along with other packaging options, please consider consultation. With the right help, you can get a solution that accounts for the type of product you are offering along with the many variables that come with it.

Give Our New Child-Resistant Closures a Closer Look

When we added these new child-resistant closures to our line-up, we knew they would add a great new look, feel, and plenty of potential. They are certainly one of the more interesting closures you can get.

Contact us today to get a look at them first-hand and explore how they would work for your brand.

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