Justin Ceresnie has worn many hats in his illustrious career, in an ongoing journey that sees him as the current Inside Sales Director at MJS Packaging. He has a genuine and deep-rooted appreciation for the complexities of the packaging world and values continuous learning as a necessary factor for success within the industry. MJS Packaging continues to provide clients with innovative solutions tailored to their products through Justin's diligent direction.

An Eventful Learning Journey

In 2006, Justin graduated from Michigan State University (MSU), where he earned an undergraduate degree in Supply Chain. His time at MSU equipped him with career know-how and technical knowledge in logistics and indirect purchasing. During his time in college, he kickstarted his career when he completed a 6-month co-op with MeadWestvaco, now known as WestRock, in their corporate supply chain group. He gained knowledge and experience with logistics and indirect purchasing.

After graduation, Justin began working at Robert Bosch. He participated in their professional development training program, which introduced him to multiple functions and on-the-job experiences.

Following his time at Robert Bosch, Justin spent 6 years at Parker Hannifin in their Supply Chain group, where he developed a keen interest and skills in the more complex aspects of the manufacturing industry. While at Parker Justin was involved in many leadership and development opportunities, in addition to obtaining his master’s degree. Justin's former employer closed their local facility unexpectedly, forcing him to choose between moving out of state or searching for a new job within the vicinity.

Justin decided to take a leap of faith, searching for new career opportunities. This led him to MJS Packaging, where he has continued to provide leading service standards since 2015.

A Company with Lasting Values

Justin's professional relationship with MJS Packaging began with a striking first impression of Jerry Davis, the current Vice President of Purchasing. The kindred bond between Justin and Jerry immediately attracted him to the company as he learned more about its diversified customer base and legacy of over 130 years.

MJS Packaging's supportive work culture and unwavering focus on its core values provided Justin with the assurance that he had found the right place. Justin appreciated the company culture and dedicated himself to learning the ropes within the MJS Packaging Supply Chain department.

He has a conviction for learning with patience when taking up a new challenge or role. When asked what advice he would give someone new to the packaging industry, Justin shares, "Be patient and focus on learning for at least 6 months.” Depending on someone’s background, they may have a lot to learn regarding materials, types of packaging, manufacturing processes, along with specifics to the world of packaging supply chain and logistics."

Changing Perspectives

Since starting with MJS Packaging, Justin has opened his eyes to a new world of packaging. He finds himself intrigued by the systematic steps involved in manufacturing packages and transporting products across each stage of the supply chain. He enjoys learning about the complexities of presenting a product in its best form for optimized customer appeal and practical storage.

MJS Packaging provides a conducive work environment that offers Justin multiple learning opportunities. The company gives him the valuable opportunity to collaborate with clients from different industries, learning about unique packaging concerns and preferences.

Additionally, MJS Packaging's focus on innovation is an inspiration for Justin, who describes the company as a place that lives and breathes its core values. For instance, MJS Packaging was one of the U.S.'s first companies to practice a bottle recycling initiative, and the company consistently takes a meaningful hands-on approach with community involvement.

Justin Ceresnie's Recipe for Success

Justin's conscientious work ethic and unbridled passion for continuous learning eventually transitioned him from Supply Chain Manager to the role of Inside Sales Manager in 2019. Starting in 2021, he rose to the position of Inside Sales Director, overseeing the smooth communications between clients, suppliers, and MJS Packaging's highly trained Inside Sales team.

Justin’s family is a very important part of his success. He lives close to our Livonia Michigan office with his wife and two daughters.  Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He looks forward to making a mark within the industry with his tireless contributions through diverse process involvements and someday forging a legacy of his own. While Justin believes in the power of setting and meeting goals, he prioritizes the importance of teamwork and relationship-building.

MJS Packaging's Mission in Providing Quality Packaging Solutions Every Time

MJS Packaging's dedication to premium packaging solutions goes beyond one-size-fits-all answers. Our seasoned Inside Sales team will discuss all details to identify your packaging concerns. We account for every stage of sourcing and purchasing packages for operations of all scales, all while prioritizing your costs, logistics and speed to market.

Contact us to discover how Justin and his team can collaborate with you at every marketing stage to find the most suitable packaging solutions for your specific branding needs.