Mintel, the global market research firm, forecasts that ecommerce sales in the U.S. will exceed $905 billion by 2022. While consumers seem to be helplessly in love with ecommerce, some industries and manufacturers are struggling to keep up.

There are many touch points your product will endure when shipping directly to a consumer's home instead of taking the traditional retail route. As a result, your products’ packaging should withstand many factors, including being scrutinized by a single photo on a website, enduring additional handling practices, and delivering a positive "unboxing" experience. Preparing product packaging for these factors start with using the right components.

Our Favorite Ecommerce-Ready Closures

A large concern for e-retailers is the possibility of their products leaking during transit. Not only does this create a costly return process for manufacturers, but it also has a negative effect on a consumer’s experience.

MJS Packaging is ready to reduce negative effects by introducing ecommerce-ready dispensing closures for products, such as soaps, lotions, and cosmetics.

E-Latch Closure

Ecommerce-Ready Closures The e-latch closure has an in-mold latch that reduces accidental opening in transit. Photo courtesy of Aptar.

The e-latch closure has an in-mold latch that reduces accidental opening when in transit. There's an audible click when the closure is engaged, making it intuitive for consumers to use. It also has a ribbed finger recess for a comfortable opening and a better overall aesthetic.


Ecommerce-Ready Closures E-clip closures are designed to reduce breakage and accidental opening. Photo courtesy of Aptar.

The e-clip closure is designed to work as an integrated component of existing dispensers and actuators. The e-clip supports the tip of the actuator (or pump head) to reduce breakage and accidental opening while in transit.

Glide Closure

Ecommerce-Ready Closures Glide closures are cap-less, making them a great option for consumers on the go. Photo courtesy of Aptar.

The glide closure has a slide and lock function that consumers are already familiar with. Once the closure is unlocked, the product can be dispensed. Another benefit of the glide closure is there is no cap to lose, which makes this closure great for products designed with the on-the-go consumer in mind.

MJS Packaging’s Expert Opinion

We're thrilled by the packaging world’s progress to provide better options for ecommerce shipping. MJS Packaging is proud to work with manufacturers selling their products via ecommerce to provide the best solutions for their products.

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