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  1. Stay Trendy & Update Products With Metallic Finishes
    Container Decoration

    Stay Trendy & Update Products With Metallic Finishes

    Known for their luxurious finish, striking sheen, and colorful options, the look of metals can convey a spectrum...
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  2. 6 Reasons to Give Small Spirits Bottles a Shot for Your Distillery
    Container Decoration

    6 Reasons to Give Small Spirits Bottles a Shot for Your Distillery

    Are you taking advantage of the many sizes available for spirits bottles? It may be easy for a business...
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  3. Go Green with these Sustainable Packaging Ideas
    Container Decoration

    Go Green with these Sustainable Packaging Ideas

    When you go green, you don't have to feel like you are sinking money into just a warm-fuzzy endeavor. With...
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  4. Container Decoration

    3 Ways to Amplify Packaging for your Low Volume Projects

    From local start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, MJS Packaging serves many kinds of businesses. This means looking out for...
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  5. Container Decoration

    Tony Saracino's Individualized Approach to Personal Care Packaging

    The nature of Tony Saracino's start in personal care packaging speaks volumes about how he works for MJS Packaging customers. His...
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  6. Container Decoration

    Cannabis Product Packaging Trends: New Nuggets of Expert Advice

    It has been a little less than a year since we wrote our first posts on marijuana market...
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  7. Container Decoration

    Eco-Friendly Packaging Options and More for Earth Day and Beyond

    Are you getting the full-package when it comes to eco-friendly packaging options? If you aren't sure or if...
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  8. Container Decoration

    5 Great Decorating Options for Bar Top and T-Top Closures

    In our initial post about t-top closures (a term used interchangeably with "bar top closures"), we gave an...
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  9. Container Decoration

    How to Boost Your Brand with Beautiful, High Quality Bar Top Closures

    In the spirits industry, especially for microdistilleries attempting to make a mark, no one wants to be thought...
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  10. Container Decoration

    4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Wax Bottle Seals

    After reading our introduction to wax bottle seals, we know many of you were inspired to consider the possibilities...
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  11. Container Decoration

    For Great Libations: Why Bottle Sealing Wax is Growing in Demand

    Only regulations, keeping with best practices, and the extent of the imagination can determine the limits of bottle...
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  12. Container Decoration

    4 Packaging Design Trends to Consider in 2016

    It's not an easy or quick task to stay current with trends and insight on what makes packaging...
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  13. Container Decoration

    Packaging Components that Pop: Decorative Caps and Closures

    Much like the perfect choice of what to wear, your product will stand out more effectively when it...
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  14. MJS Packaging

    More Than 99 Beer Bottles on Our Wall

    At MJS Packaging, we know what it is like to be a start-up business. We also have extensive knowledge...
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  15. Container Decoration

    How to Make the Right Calls With Pressure Sensitive Labels

    There are many factors that go into choosing the right packaging decoration for your product, but few play as big a...
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  16. MJS Packaging

    Why Container Decoration Is Key To The Success Of Your Product Marketing

    Why Container Decoration Is Key To The Success Of Your Product Marketing Container decoration is a key driver...
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  17. Container Decoration

    Consumer Packaged Goods Design

    Packaged goods design assumes even greater importance when you consider the economic downturn and the necessity of packaging...
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  18. MJS Packaging

    Find Decorative Bottles Online

    Decorative bottles online are available from a number of websites. Decorative bottles are usually glass bottles or stoneware...
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  19. Container Decoration

    What Company Does Container Decorating

    What Company Does Container Decorating Container decorating is not as simple as it sounds as there are many...
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  20. Container Decoration

    Why Should I Get Silk Screening on a Bottle

    Your product needs to make a clear and definitive statement, and it has to stand out as much...
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