Everybody has a strong suit. For Bill Schmude, MJS Packaging’s Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain, his strengths lie in evaluating data, identifying problems and working cross-functionally to drive processes.

Bill acquired a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and began his career in the automotive industry. After a decade of facing cyclical downturns, Bill decided he needed a change in trajectory and took a leap of faith into the packaging industry in 2020.

Bill’s Experience in Supply Chain Management

Bill discovered his strength in supply chain management through a position within the parts supply and logistics division in the automotive industry. He established a deep understanding of vendor relations and inventory management, which revealed ample room for improvement within the supply chain system.

His unbridled passion, focus and determination improved the company’s network velocity by leading a packaging network redesign, institution of KPIs, process and technology improvements. The series of strategic implementations earned him the role of managing all packaging engineering for North America and, eventually, the global harmonization of packaging supply chain processes.

Along the way, Bill discovered some differences between the supply chain management processes in the automotive and packaging industries. Specifically, the automotive sector maintained great control over its supply base. While in packaging, Bill made a concentrated effort to understand and cater to partners’ needs in what he considers a reactive process to unique customer requirements.

At MJS Packaging, Bill considers his team to be solution providers who focus on clear communication and building lasting relationships with customers, equipped to resolve specific packaging challenges. He utilizes systematically-compiled industry knowledge to provide optimized solutions that keep supply chains moving at peak efficiency.

Navigating the Shifting Packaging Climate

As Bill put it, his role is to make things easier for the MJS Packaging sales team and customers. He does so by optimizing speed and total cost solutions for a worry-free process. He has developed his team to be focused on domestic and international sourcing, vendor performance, inventory control,  as well as transportation and warehouse operations.

According to Bill, the recent pandemic altered the supply chain landscape, requiring closer collaborations between the company and supply chain partners. Bill’s team gathered worldwide insights for the most efficient solutions that prioritized forecasting. They also increased their understanding of managing essential variables that create sustainable supply chain relationships. His team works to ensure that our supply partners have raw and finished goods, minimum order quantities and stocking strategies that eliminate long lead times.

While Bill has recently observed recovery in some segments of the business, he feels that the management of materials such as glass and metal will continue to face challenges and shortages. For such cases, his team has diligently sourced new alternative supplies worldwide to give MJS Packaging’s customers continuous success.

Preserving a Strong Sense of Purpose

Bill is a firm believer in enjoying the process. His philosophy might have originated from his teenage years when his father introduced him to the hobby of hunting upland birds. Bill shared an observation from his yearly hunting trips,

“I could spend all day out in a field and not take a bird and come back equally happy. I love to see a bird dog do what it was born and bred to do.”

He remains driven by the concept of fulfilling one’s role to the fullest of their abilities. Bill quotes business management expert Jim Collins, “Good is the enemy of great,” in describing how individuals will gradually lose their relevance if they aspire for anything less than doing their best.

Partnering With MJS Packaging

With Bill’s reliable experience and expertise in supply chain management, you can expect MJS Packaging to provide optimal results as a trusted partner in packaging solutions. Contact us today to discover the best arrangements for your company and project needs!