When you find the best packaging design for your product, it will help with initially selling your brand. If you find the right look and features, you will not only garner initial interest, but you will also help consumers feel happy with their purchase. This might sound simple enough, but consumers are fickle and the competition is tough.

A strong brand identity is the key to it all, but it can be quite a challenge to craft it. When you are looking to prioritize what you put into your product packaging, consider these tips so you can have maximum impact.

Brand Identity is Complex but Crucial

From color to capacity and functionality, the best packaging design can be yours.Brand Packaging recently prepared a report on the state of the industry and they cited evidence showing how packaging is a key driver in product identity. From the subtle cues behind the colors you choose to the label call-outs and the functionality of a container, consumers are relying on packaging more than ever when looking for a brand's story. This means it is more important than ever to find the best packaging design for your product.

Naturally, consumers in retail stores will first notice how much immediate shelf-appeal a product has. However, good looking packaging is only one part of the puzzle. This is especially true when you factor in the growing ecommerce market. In any case, you actually have many more opportunities than you realize when it comes to standing out and influencing consumers.

Here are the top factors we recommend considering as you build up the best packaging design for a strong brand identity.

Protect Your Product and its Usefulness

Protecting your product may seem like a basic step, but it is also easy to take this concept for granted. As a brand working hard to get your product into consumers' hands, it is important to realize you have opportunities to ensure your product doesn't lose any appeal along the way. You can choose from many options to protect in its travels from where it is produced to where it is utilized.

One part of this involves realizing how products face different circumstances as they are shipped different ways. For example, in order for you to satisfy e-commerce consumers, you will need to give your product special consideration, such as adding a heat seal liner to a tube. This will likely mean that you need to go beyond what is needed for selling through a bulk warehouses.

Think about how consumers will first-see the product and go to utilize it, too. If you are selling a product in a spray bottle, for example, you will want to take particular care. There are several solutions available, but make sure the container and nozzle are designed for optimal use and packaged correctly for shipping. This is important no matter where the product is sold.

It's always a good idea to get insight on a case by case basis, too, but there are two core objectives everyone should keep in mind. Above all, be sure to aim for enduring appeal and full functionality with your packaging.

Modernize Your Approach

When Brand Packaging conducted their survey on packaging insights, almost 70% of respondents said they perceived an increased role for packaging in brand-building. With a deeper look at the data, it came down to several important reasons for this.

It turns out there are several brand-identity-building opportunities to keep in mind with packaging. Namely, this includes doing more with e-commerce sales, technological advances, and providing more products in more sizes. Even if you can only take small steps, like updating your packaging materials with recycled components, you have opportunities to modernize and get more market share.

Provide the Options Consumers Need

To demonstrate how in-touch you are with consumers, consider how you can update your packaging so it serves the market better. Sometimes this may just be a matter of making adjustments that bring a strong appeal to your ideal consumer base. In other instances, you may need significant modernizations that are responsive to larger trends.

Portion control packaging is a great example of how you can put your product in packages better-suited for particular consumers. Smaller packages and single serving options are not only trendy, but they directly appeal to a few key consumer groups including millennials and seniors.

For a look at a broader trend, look to flexible packaging. It may have began as a packaging option utilized in a limited number of ways, but innovation and increasing demand trends gave it staying power.

Consider Customization

Without recent printing innovations, label customization would be a costly and time-intensive process. However, digital printing processes have really opened the door to mass customization and enhanced visual appeal. Better yet, quality and costs are quickly improving, too.

Smaller companies should be happy to learn that suppliers are also finding new methods for direct digital printing. This enhances opportunities to use on formats like pouches and it's a great fit for smaller SKUs and shorter runs.

Test Your Packaging

Benjamin Franklin once famously said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and we couldn't agree more. Even though he wasn't talking about how you can find the best packaging design when he said that, his famous quote perfectly underscores why compatibility testing is important.

As our packaging experts will tell you, it's important to make the right first steps. This is especially true when you need to find your bottle before you find the closure. More often than not, shortcuts and hasty decisions can lead to more trouble and loss. On the other hand, a little due diligence can go a long way.

Ready to Help You Find the Best Packaging Design

We know it might seem daunting to think about the recommendations above. We also know it can be a challenge to putting it all together, but there are many reasons for you to be encouraged. After all, there are countless possibilities to get a great design and there are options that can fit any budget.

Gain confidence with attractive and functional packaging your consumers want. To get the guidance you need, just click or call MJS Packaging today.