Antimicrobial packaging isn’t something you’d normally think about every day, is it? While it may be something that’s easily taken for granted, antimicrobial packaging is extremely important and gives packaging materials a heightened level of protection.

What Does Antimicrobial Packaging Do?

 Antimicrobial packaging protects products against damaging microbes like bacteria, mold and mildew. Because bacteria is harmful to human beings and can multiply exponentially within short time periods, creating antimicrobial packaging that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria was paramount within the packaging industry.

When antimicrobial properties are incorporated into packaging like lotion bottles, the product contained within it is kept safe. Product shelf life and freshness is lengthened through the antimicrobial process and, in addition to keeping products safe from fungal growth, also keeps products safe from odors and bacterial stains.

Antimicrobial products are ideal for products such as:

  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Liquid soap
  • Baby products
  • Personal care
  • OTC products
four personal care bottles Ensure your products have a long shelf life and are safe for consumers and free from bacteria by choosing antimicrobial packaging.

How Does Packaging Become Antimicrobial?

Antimicrobial protection is molded into each product during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing antimicrobial protection into each product inhibits fungal growth for the product’s entire lifespan and ensures that the packaging is food-contact safe.

How does all of this work? The antimicrobial properties suppress the activities of targeted microorganisms, either killing them or severely inhibiting their growth. In fact, the specific type of antimicrobial packaging that MJS Packaging provides has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA and E.Coli.

antimicrobial testing Whether it’s keeping your product safe and bacteria free, or ensuring that your packaging stays eco-friendly, antimicrobial packaging checks every box.

To see a few product examples from our Sprayco Consumer Products Division, visit our line of Travelguard® products.

Is Antimicrobial Packaging Still Eco-Friendly?

 You bet! Antimicrobial bottles are eco-friendly and available in PP, PET, and HDPE. MJS Packaging suggests that these bottles are best suited for health or personal care products, but they’re a great option for food products as well!

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your products safer and cleaner for longer, contact MJS Packaging today. Our knowledgeable and friendly packaging solutions specialists are sure to find the perfect solution for you.