From local start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, MJS Packaging serves many kinds of businesses. This means looking out for the best solutions to pair with the desired order quantity and budget involved -- even when it is a small project. Whether you need traditional packaging like bottles and jars or newer formats like tubes, our specialists want you to know there are cost-effective, high-impact packaging options for your low volume projects.

Solutions for Low Volume Projects

3 Ways to Amplify Packaging for your Low Volume ProjectsFrankly speaking, low volume projects can come with some limitations and additional challenges. Such a statement is probably not a surprise to readers who have gone through the process of finding the right packaging at the right price point and at the right order volume. However, with MJS Packaging guiding you through these three best practices, you can get a tremendous edge.

Best Practice #1: Consider a stock solution for your packaging. To get the most from your low volume projects, you should first consider a stock solution. This can be a single stock component, like a bottle, jar, or closure, or it can be a completely stock package.

Before you get turned off by the idea because a packaging option is "only" a stock solution, remember you can access an incredible selection of options. This is especially true when you work with MJS Packaging and our global network.

Stock components come with many distinct advantages, too. If you could benefit from low minimums, quick (or at least quicker) turnaround times, and cost-effective pricing, stock components may be just the right solution.

Best Practice #2: Consider a "semi-custom" packaging option. If you don't find a fit with a totally stock solution, you can also consider adding a "semi-custom" option to a packaging component.

For instance, you can customize the color of many components like closures or trigger sprayers. And if you want your bottles to have a custom look, there are options there, too. For example, with some PET bottles, you can utilize modular custom molds to modify the shoulders and heel of the bottle while keeping the basic bottle consistent.

These options may require higher minimums than a simple stock solution, but they can help achieve a more custom look at a lower price.

Best Practice #3: Stand out with your packaging decoration. Of all the approaches you can take to your packaging for low volume projects, be sure to explore the ways you can go beyond the packaging components. Specifically, consider the package decoration options that can be used to your advantage.

For example, digital labels have been getting a lot of attention, and this is for good reason. They are great for low minimums and there is no need to sacrifice high quality or cost-effectiveness with this option.

Turn a Small Start into a Big Success

Many manufacturers have smaller volume projects. Whether yours is a test for a new product launch or a start with a smaller distribution footprint, we invite you to grow with us! Our team looks forward to providing viable ideas so your product packaging delivers the optimal return on investment.