No two industries are the same.   At MJS Packaging, we are continuously honing our knowledge of key industries so we can best serve our customers. We share our insights and best practices for each industry, saving our customers time and money.

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Automotive & Industrial

Nowhere are material choices and specifications more important.  Because products in this market often include strong chemicals and solvents, we take great care to choose the ideal type of material to use.

Drug & Vitamin

Regulations rule the pharmaceutical industry, and you need a packaging partner who has a complete understanding of the current requirements.  Whether it’s a child resistant closure or packaging that is FDA compliant, MJS Packaging has the knowledge and experience to get it done right.

Food & Beverage

Let us help you properly package your food products to meet safety, handling and compatibility standards. MJS Packaging understands the need to keep your product safe and fresh, and will work with you to develop the best way to package your product.

Health & Beauty

Consumer trends in health and beauty products are exceptionally dynamic, requiring both the product and package to be updated to meet constantly changing trends. MJS Packaging can help you sift through the options and decide on the best package to differentiate your product in the marketplace.

Home & Garden

Your products serve an important role in consumers’ lives, helping them take care of the place they call home.  MJS Packaging has the expertise to recommend packaging choices focused on both aesthetic appeal and function.

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