Market Watch: Men's Personal Care Packaging Trends

You don't have to be an industry giant to tap into the growing market for men's personal care products. You may just need to find your product niche and get to know your consumer audience. That last component can be particularly challenging, so consider the following about the latest men's personal care packaging trends.

Market Growth and Significance

Get the insight you need about men's personal care packaging trendsIn 2016, the men's personal care market was already close to $50 billion in sales worldwide. Within just six years, that figure is projected to more than triple. According to some market research firms, the global market could be as much as $166 billion by 2022.

With men taking grooming and skincare more seriously than ever before, these sales figures show just how much they are affecting the market for related goods. This shift in behavior is influencing the rise in demand for men's personal care products and that rise is translating into very real sales growth.

More Consumer Insights

This is one trend that is especially prevalent among Millennials. Overwhelmingly, they view grooming, skincare and hair products as investments worth making.

Today's consumers, particularly young consumers, are more health conscious and more aware of their grooming options, too. Many of these consumers gravitate toward urban areas, follow emerging fashion trends, and embrace a more corporate lifestyle.

As a complement to consumer preferences and the variety of products found in the market, consumers are also enjoying an increase in purchasing options. A boom of small specialty shops and a vast array of online stores make shopping the easiest it has ever been. Both brick and mortar and ecommerce sites are finding ways to bring the products right to the consumer's door.

With all of these factors, it's hard to see an end in sight. Whether you have been manufacturing men's personal care products for years or you are an emerging business, don't underestimate the huge potential for increased sales in this market. P&G, Unilever, and a few other big brands are flexing their muscle, but many niche companies are enjoying ample opportunities as well. Your business can, too.

Men's Personal Care Packaging Trends to Watch

It can be difficult to keep up with consumers, but trends matter, especially when they help you understand how to make your appeal beyond the product itself. From what you have to offer to how you offer it, here are the men's personal care packaging trends we recommend watching.

1. Consider Men for Expanding Product Lines

Traditionally, the definition of male grooming products included the basics of shaving and fragrances. The men's grooming market now encompasses much more, including hair, skincare, oral care, shaving and personal cleanliness products.

Men want their own formulations, too. Don't get caught passing along the female version of the product disguised with a blue jar.

2. Show Chemical Conscientiousness

Consumers have grown conscious about the chemicals in their products.Moms may be the most notorious for vetting what is inside the product and its packaging, but don't assume the guys are indifferent. Many industry sources are indicating ingredients are key for a growing number of male consumers as well.

Be sure to highlight on your label and overall packaging if your product has a low chemical content. It might matter to him more than you may think.

3. Tout the Benefits

Although men are encroaching on a market that has historically been dominated by females, they still do retain some distinctions. One difference, for example, is that men are not as likely to seek advice from friends as females are. You won't want to ignore the packaging implications of that tendency, either.

As one takeaway, make sure your product packaging speaks volumes about your product. With 81% of these products sold in retail outlets, shelf appeal is key, but it doesn't hurt to prepare for virtual stores either. To get the maximum positive attention, make your product's benefits easily recognizable. Then, recognizing many men are willing to purchase but are a bit outside their comfort zone, spell out the directions for use and make your packaging easy to work with.

4. Make Your Packaging Efficient and Effective

Grooming products are a new investment for many men and they will be happiest when they can get the most out of their money. The good news is that you probably won't need to win them over with a bunch of frills or elaborate designs. Function, however, is key.

From effortless dispensation with flexible tubes to airless pumps and more, we can help you pick the best container and components. With the right packaging, you can help consumers gain confidence in using your product and feel satisfaction as they get their money's worth with every last drop.

Go Beyond the Trending Data

With so many new consumers in the market for personal care products, it is likely time to reconsider how your products reflect men's personal care packaging trends. Are you sure your product is making an optimal appeal to consumers?

If it's been a while since you've considered new demographics and opportunities, let us know. Our team of specialists can help you get the packaging solution you need for any product and any man.

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