Go Green with these Sustainable Packaging Ideas

When you go green, you don't have to feel like you are sinking money into just a warm-fuzzy endeavor. With sustainable packaging ideas like those we explore in this post, we are helping today's businesses understand the many benefits and the depth of what they are doing.

Go Green with sustainable packaging ideas from MJS PackagingTo do this, we are studying the course of the market, including trends specific to sustainability. While some green innovations require a little more effort, we are also highlighting eco-friendly choices that are quite simple. With each of these options, our packaging specialists are helping customers find cost savings, return on investment, improved consumer perception, and maybe even greater acceptance of their product.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your packaging a little more sustainable and how you can clearly demonstrate this to the consumers who demand it.

Eliminate Outer Packaging

Consider the times when you might not need all the packaging you are currently using (and purchasing). If your beauty product comes in a beautiful jar (or one that could be beautiful) and also in a box, consider if you could eliminate the box.

For another idea, think about the placement of your product in club stores as well. What is the minimal amount of material you can use to safely and effectively bundle your products? The answer may vary, but it is an important factor to review.

Fit Your Packaging to Your Product

This option is particularly important if you haven't revisited your packaging in a while. With changes in technology and materials, you now may be able to choose from new packaging options. This can help inspire ways to eliminate any extra bulk. For an even better idea about this option, ask a packaging specialist how you can accomplish this with custom boxes designed to provide an exact fit for your product.

As an added bonus, you can create greater shipping efficiencies with sustainable packaging ideas like this, too.

Explore Second-Life Packaging

This one might require some extra creative effort (or consultation), but evaluate if your product packaging can be re-used once the product has been used. Consider giving the consumer some ideas -- anything from templates for children's art projects to using a glass bottle for a vase. The idea of second-life packaging is that it can reduce the waste stream for your product.

This could add extra oomph to your label if you promote the second life ideas there. It can even provide good content for social media, where consumers may already be sharing their own second-life ideas.

Spell Out Your Product's Green Aspects

When you actualize your effort to pair your product with sustainable packaging ideas, make sure to clearly state such information on your label. Especially if a container is recyclable or compostable, if the material used has been responsibly-sourced or made more efficient, or if the packaging is designed for a second life, let consumers know. When you do this, you enhance your shelf-appeal along with your chances of generating a positive buzz elsewhere, too.

Put Simple Sustainable Packaging Ideas to Work for You

Long-term trends are showing how consumers generally want to make eco-friendly choices. When you choose a few sustainable packaging ideas to incorporate with your product, it can be a real win-win. Your brand can even bring benefits to the world, your customers, and business profits, too.

If you are ready to explore how these concepts would work for your product, let us know. We look forward to providing you with the information and options you need!

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